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The Master Key Press
Black Mountain, NC
Our Authors
Psychotherapist, artist, survival instructor, and author Rob Jacoby draws upon all four areas of his life and experience to offer us The Map to Love: How to Navigate the Art of the Heart, a life-giving perspective on love, fulfillment, healing, and successfully navigating the complex human emotional landscape. His twenty year career helping people from all walks of life, especially young people suffering from extreme emotional problems, gives this book its lived-in authority. His passion for creation, particularly music and painting, drives the spontaneity and rhythm of its prose and presentation. In collaboration with world renowned artist Brian MacGregor, the result is a visually and intellectually stunning masterpiece on the topic of LOVE. If you plan on purchasing only one book on Self-Help, Love, and Positive Psychology for the rest of your life, this is that work.
A whimsical and heart warming collection of children's poetry set in the North woods where fairies melt from icicles, trolls grow from snowy boulders, theaters are hidden behind willow curtains and ravens keep your deepest secrets. These poems tap into the wild heart of both children and adults reminding the reader to learn the enchanting song of the moon, to follow the thin trail through white birches, to pay attention to not only cycles and seasons, but also to toads and small swirling agates half buried in the sand.
The Reclaiming Beauty Journal and Wisdom Deck is a practical, visually appealing, hands-on resource to help readers rewire their inner dialogue from self-criticism to self-compassion. It contains fifty cards bearing beautiful images, with corresponding affirmations, practices, and pages for journaling in the accompanying book. Included are links to helpful information on this website, as well as suggestions for creating healing rituals and SoulCollage® cards.

The Reclaiming Beauty experience can be a yearlong exploration, working through the affirmations in order, alone or in a circle of women. 
"Lighten Up" is more than a diet book filled with with recipes, counting calories and carbohydrates. The book is about recovering from food addiction, resolving food issues and living from a higher level of consciousness. Ultimately, it is learning to experience a life full of everyday miracles and expressing one's talents and gifts. Included are many techniques and tools to assist one to move from a place of pain to freedom and peace. Included are three additional authors: experts in the field of Imago Therapy, Sexual Abuse and Emotional Freedom Technique to add to the healing process, all powerful healing modalities.